Mark Cross Grace ‘Galaxy’ Bag

Writer:fashion Date:2016-8-16 16:39 Tuesday Categories:Fashion


If you’re first thought was Fendi or Prada, well, not quite. This cutie of a bag belongs to Mark Cross, an American luxury label that I wished I was more familiar with. As far as know, they’ve been making tiny luggage style bags that also are shoulder slings, complete with top handle and a little luggage hangtag. This one, from their Pre-Fall 2016 collection and now available via Net-A-Porter comes with its very own robot face, made up of cut-outs and leather appliqués for that contrasting 3D look.

Measuring 21.5 cm by 18.5 cm with a depth of 11 cm, this little fella is now available via Net-A-Porter where it is priced at GBP1750, or around SGD3000 after conversion. Not exactly cheap, but do remember it is full leather after all, and on the inside there’s even an additional zip pocket to keep the personals safe. Besides, how does one say no to a face like that, right?

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PurseForum Roundup – August 12

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Greetings, fashion lovers! Friday has rolled around once again, and that means it’s time for a romp through the halls of the PurseForum to see what our members are sharing, wearing and talking about. This week, Chloé was on our rounds, along with Bottega Veneta and so much more. We really hit the jackpot is some of our subforums, so get comfortable.


Bottega Veneta has been pretty busy this month, and we spotted a shimmery reveal on Page 1 from ksuromax. This gorgeous bag was pre-loved, and as ksuromax and our BV members agree, its wonderful condition is a testament to the quality of this brand.


PurseForum regulars know that our member restricter is a supernova in our universe of shopping stars. By any measure, restricter knows how to find a bargain. No matter the brand, she can hit the sample sales and remind us we can all be fabulous for pennies on the dollar. This week we found her latest victory thread inBottega Veneta, and this lovely haul of belts is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also in BV, traumamama started a conversation in June about which color to select for her new bag. Our members chimed in with lots of terrific advice, which you may find helpful for your next bag purchase. Meanwhile, we are still waiting to see what traumamama decided on–stay tuned.


And here’s a kitten in a bag. This comes to us from Kandyroxy, and the upshot is that this is a real workhorse bag that is holding up beautifully. Check the thread for the full review of this Cabat, one of BV’s best bags.


In Chloé this week, Easterngirl showed us all how it’s done in the Chloé in Action thread. This mini Marcie looks fabulous with this casual style, and our “bag in action” threads are the perfect place to stop for inspiration no matter which designer subforum you drop into.


Easterngirl wasn’t the only girl rocking a splendid grey Marcie this week; we also found Swedengirl’s brand new Marcie in a larger size. This is Swedengirl’s first Chloé and she sure made a grand entrance, don’t you think? You can see another cashmere grey Marcie here in sherimehling’s reveal from earlier this summer. Our Chloé subforum has lots of informative threads on the brand’s latest styles, and if you are thinking of adding a Chloé bag to your fall wardrobe (and lots of us are), we hope you will stop by and make use of this resource.


CathyQ stopped traffic in the Céline latest purchases thread with her reveal of this edgy and amazing Twisted Cabas. We cannot wait to see this in action! Visits to the “Latest Purchases” threads provide a perfect itinerary if you are pressed for time and need a purse fix. We always try to make time for these fast-moving threads—you really never know what you will find.


We also love orange and wanted to share this with you all. This yummy bag is part of katev’s reveal threadin Coach this week. Also, if you love this bag, you will absolutely flip over the new wallet.


When big brands make big changes, our member notice. In a big way. In Louis Vuitton, fans of the brand are breaking down the new packaging introduced earlier this summer. You can see the new design here and chime in if you have an opinion on the matter. TAZxSPIN shared her new purchase for us, and members were happy to get a review on the new goods straight from a fellow member!


Packaging is one thing but at the PurseForum, bags are THE thing. Norwegianwood put it right up front in her thread title that she was revealing a super cute bag, and this little Pochette in monogram Cherie certainly did not disappoint. Also in LV, Balengirl picked up a new sleek black Spontini on its debut day, and you can see it in her very thorough reveal right here.


We will wrap our visit to Louis Vuitton with Erum7860s brand new Sac Kleber straight from Paris. This structured tote is useful and undeniably elegant, and it’s an exquisite way to celebrate a milestone birthday! Happy Birthday Erum 7860!

That’s it for us! Thank you once again for joining us for another Friday visit to the PurseForum.

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Moynat Madeleine

Writer:fashion Date:2016-8-11 9:25 Thursday Categories:Fashion


Many things come to mind when looking at Moynat’s new bag addition to its collection of beautiful, elegant bags. You could say it looks like a rice dumpling (you know, zongzi), a traditional Chinese staple that’s made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in broad leaves that results in its triangular shape. You could also say that if the Dogon ever expanded into a collection of bags, this could have easily fitted in as one of the bag styles that Hermés would have had.

But no, this beauty belongs to Moynat, and it’s called the Madeleine. To be launched exclusively first in South Korea to celebrate the opening of the Moynat’s Seoul Gallery in the Shilla Hotel, the structured clutch is crafted with grained Veau Carat leather. Crafted entirely from start to finish by a single craftsman, its palladium clasp is also rounded outwards (not so Dogon after all, if you know what I mean), reminiscent of the studs used on Moynat’s trunks from the days of yore.

Measuring some 17 cm by 15 cm by 13 cm, this little darling will be available in Seoul from 30 August 2016 .

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Two Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Sites, Very Different Quality

Writer:fashion Date:2016-8-11 9:15 Thursday Categories:Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton replica bags are usually easy to find, given the fact that it’s still the most sought-after brand in the world. But as I told you before, this also means that it will more difficult to pick out the good ones and stay away from bad fakes.

Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Reviews

The first bag I want to show you today is a Louis Vuitton replica Chain Louise bag. This is a gorgeous, classic, luxurious bag. Then I will show you a Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit replica. Wondering which of them is the good fake Louis Vuitton? I think you’ll be able to tell after checking out the photos of these two Louis Vuitton replica bags. The difference in quality is more than obvious!

This Louis Vuitton Chain Louise replica was purchased from while the LV Lockit knockoff was bought from a site that I never heard before.

“Hi Eva! Here is my replica LV Chain Louise bag black. I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation and show you a few pics, like I promised
	<p class=Tags: Louis Vuitton replica bags Two Sites

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Last Week, Supermodels Wore Overalls and Carry Bags from Mansur Gavriel, Céline and Saint Laurent

Writer:fashion Date:2016-8-11 9:03 Thursday Categories:Fashion

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Flowers for Days

Writer:fashion Date:2016-8-8 16:33 Monday Categories:Fashion

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

Shop similar looks:




California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

Jacket c/o California Moonrise – Top: Marshalls (similar) – Jeans: Old Navy

I always seem to destroy my perfectly distressed jeans with one wrong move like bending down to pick something up and then I  managed to cause the small hole in my jeans to become massive. This happened with these Old Navy jeans and now the hole in the knee keeps getting bigger. I really love these jeans because they are so comfortable and I only paid a $1.50 for them so I think I will invest in a new pair from Old Navy. I ordered a pair of Levis 501 from ShopBop and was really disappointed when I received them in the mail because I could barely get them on and they have absolutely no stretch. I think they were originally designed for men or people with no hips. There is nothing worse than a super tight pair of jeans with no stretch. I am starting to think my quest for vintage Levi’s jeans has come to an end because all of the jeans back then had no stretch. If you are looking for a comfortable pair or boyfriend jeans at a reasonable price I would highly recommend checking out Old Navy.

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style


California Moonrise, Marshalls, Old Navy, Bohemian Fashion, Fashion Blogger, Vintage fashion, street style

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